Accredited Homeschool Programs: Everything You Need To Know!

Accredited Homeschool ProgramsMerely deciding on a homeschool program may not be sufficient. After all, there are many prerequisites attached to deciding upon a program that is beneficial for your kid, as well as secures him an admission into the best college or university. A home school program that is accredited or finds recognition amongst various regulators would provide your kid better tools to tackle the various challenges that life puts in front of him.

But, with the many accredited homeschool programs to decide on, how could you choose the one that is well suited and augurs well for the needs of your kid? Elementary! Just follow this guide, as it takes you through the thick and thin of accredited programs, and clears out any burgeoning doubts in your minds in relation to Accredited Homeschool Programs.

What is Accreditation?
Since you are searching for the term “Accreditation”, we would assume that you already know it. But, for those of you who don’t, it’s basically the school allowing an external body to take a peek into its working. This usually expands into the auditing exercise, wherein the school is tested based on its policies, procedures, curriculum and expectations. If the regulator in question finds their evaluation to be satisfactory, and the school to hold solid grounds, then the school is provided with an accreditation/recognition.

Also, the schools are required to submit various reports every year, reports like self-evaluation, curriculum, procedure overviews and performance statistics. This ensures that the school is religiously keeping up with the standards shown during accreditation, and haven’t faltered on the expectations of the regulating body. This is quite the benefit of homeschooling that is recognized, as it allays your fears related to the consistency of the program.

Why should you choose Accreditation?
This is an important point that is worth mentioning. After all, the whole foundation of homeschool relies on these sets of points mentioned below. These points would fortify your belief in the accredited homeschool programs.

1. You know that the program has been evaluated for its quality.
As they say, knowledge is power. And, in this scenario, if you know that your child is following a curriculum that has been quality checked by the government, then you could heave a sigh of relief. After all, no parent would want their kids to follow a curriculum that has the possibility of unwarranted termination, isn’t it? This is a worry that could be foregone in the case of Accredited programs, as you could be sure of its quality, based on the rigorous testing procedures that they underwent to gain recognition.

2. You don’t have to relent under the pressure of record keeping and transcribing.
With homeschooling, the accredited variant. You don’t have to expend a large amount of energy trying to wade through your kid’s record. as that is a headache of the homeschool, something that they would do with the utmost panache! Online homeschools are known to have efficient individuals working behind the decks, supported by effective automatons to carry out these important tasks. With homeschooling, you know that your child’s records are well kept and maintained.

3. An accreditation ensures recognition of your child’s graduation by various colleges and universities.
When accredited homeschool programs are in question, as have been mentioned above, you could remain assured of their validity. These programs are well recognized by all the colleges and universities. After all, derecognition of such programs stands in direct violation of the regulator and could attract hefty fines. Hence, when you enroll your kid in one such program, depending on your preference, your kid would get the recognition that is graduation is due, and help him chart a path into the future!

4. Your child is taught by professionals well versed with their course.
With an accredited homeschool programs, you are sure to find your kid a set of teachers who love what they do. Traditional schooling sometimes attracts teacher’s not overly attracted to their field of work. But, same is not the case with homeschooling, wherein the teachers are quite adept as well as in love with what they do. When you enroll your kid in a homeschooling program, you could rest assured that your kid would find someone who would teach him to love the course!

5. A lot of states have a mandatory compulsion to choose a homeschooling course that has been accredited.
States like Minnesota and Alabama, and many others, have made it a compulsion to teach your kid in a homeschool that is duly recognized. If you forego this requirement, then your child’s graduation could face undue termination. Hence, to make sure that you don’t have to face such a negative hindrance to your child’s progress, choose one of the many homeschool programs up for the grab.

The Types of Accreditations

Regional Accreditation:
This is the type of accreditation recognized by various state and local governments. Some governments need specific accreditations to hold the enrollment valid. For example, the federal government doesn’t recognize any other accreditations except for the ones specified by it. Regional Accreditation is known to be of the highest order, in impact factor as well as the creed, based on its strict evaluation mechanism, and hence finds higher recognition amongst colleges and universities. Some are mentioned below.

– Northern Association
– Southern Association
– North Central Association
– New England Association

Christian or Religious Accreditation:
This recognition carries less weight as compared to regional accreditation, and is an affiliation to any regional religious institution. It is worth noting that none are accepted by the federal government; though; a handful of colleges recognize its transcripts.

Independent Accreditation:
Many private schools and notable bodies have coalesced together to formulate this recognition. Although, it is another recognition that isn’t appreciated by the federal government, but finds favor amongst the state governments and local bodies.

Accredited homeschool programs would ensure that your kid gets the best education at his/her disposal. After all, it is duly recognized by various regulators and aggregators and finds a place of prominence in various colleges and universities. Also, many government and government-affiliated bodies find it favorable to their requirements. This ascertains that your kid is being taught by professionals, and would also have his graduation duly recognized by the government as well as various other bodies.